Hotel Renovation Completed in 2020: Α small sized hotel in Larnaca, Cyprus, built back in the 80’s, rich on many architectural elements of that era. Breeze blocks, a tennis court surrounded by a greenery fence, the iconic light blue swimming pool, long corridors and archs. Our approach to renovation of the shared spaces and the 46 rooms envisioned an atmosphere that preserves the everlasting feeling of the 80’s whilst adding a contemporary and fresh vibe of today.

We used the gray-on-gray palette to mark a lasting and impactful impression to the visitor. Rounded cornices and door frames next to spherical light fixtures are designed to create a more welcoming hotel corridor, whilst the indirect lighting installation around the ceiling gives the impression of a floating planar cloud. In the rooms, a partial renovation was requested, where we used the existing colors as a base while adding similar tones on the custom furniture. 

The custom boudoir with rounded edges and bended cabinets, the soft pouf seat and curvilinear mirror continue along the same pattern of architectural shapes that the hotel is designed from. Room numbers were designed in the same color tone with the corridor wall, blending in the background while casting thin and subtle shadows of the direct light fixtures placed above them.

The elevator is cladded with a granite frame and plaster wall surfaces. The elevator unit was kept intact while a granite frame was added around its entrances in order to prevent wall damages due to the passage’s heavy use. The plaster ceiling cornice was also vertically multiplied to cover the surface around the elevator, marking the circulation threshold.