The client’s brief for this 200m2 house with attached gym in Larnaca was to design timeless, yet contemporary spaces for the everyday. The use of iroko wood and black kitchen units were specially requested as part of the design components, while the aluminum window frames and gray ceramic floor already existed in space. We transformed the living room wall to create a grid-like composition of storage units concealed in iroko and matte black lacquered wood, in dialogue with the black fireplace cube.

For the dining and living spaces we chose our Marika armchairs, a bold piece of furniture that actively gives shape to the space. The dining table was specifically designed to incorporate a piece of a tree trunk, the signature element of our first collection, in a minimal and clean-cut synthesis, demonstrating again the dialogue between the natural wood color and the matte black.

The kitchen unit surfaces were designed with a linear texture in order to add the desirable contemporary twist to the classic appearance of iroko wood. For the island piece, countertops and backsplash we selected a natural stone to evoke timelessness and to break the austerity of the darker color palette, while the tones and variegated patterns of verde fantastico create a high contrasting condition.

The black kitchen wall which integrates the electrical appliances was designed with mechanical pocket doors, in order to increase the functionality of the units. In this space the breakfast-bar unit can function as an open cabinet, including lights and plugs, or be completely concealed whilst merging with the surrounding cabinets. The main entrance follows with the iroko wood veneer in a forty five degree placement.

The main couch, which was requested to be extra comfortable and big in scale, is coloured in a matching tone to the island’s verde fantastico marble.

In the gym space we attempted to achieve the maximum functionality for the given floor area. Due to the gym’s ever changing courses program all of the equipment had to be arranged close to its perimeter in order to free the main space for group courses. In this space fixed furniture had to be kept to minimum to achieve flexibility, hence we shifted our design focus to the ceiling for which we developed a composition of long linear light fixtures to add a dynamic spatial flow inside the empty space.

Completed in 2019