The client’s brief for their 80sq.m apartment in Nicosia, was to create a homy and pleasant atmosphere with natural but colorful tones and to embrace human communication and interaction in the shared spaces.

(01) Shared spaces are shaped in squares, so is the storage unit which encloses a seating function. (02) The kitchen’s plan is square formed, too, so is the island and the stainless steel opening that frames the window. (03) The natural wood flooring is placed diagonaly and creates axes parallel to the walls embracing spaces’ length. (04)(05) Custom marble sinks were shaped in cubical forms. Travertino rosso and tavertino classico were placed to create a diagonal cut in the ensuite bathroom following the lines of the wooden flooring. (06) Sphere bed and nightstands from ChristineKalia SOFT collection were chosen for the masterbedroom.