The Studio

Christine Kalia is a design studio exploring modes of spatial relations between architectural, interior and product design. The studio’s vision is calibrated towards ecocentric design and contemporary aesthetics; where the end products manifest the prime materials. The various collections take different approaches to this design mode, often seen as sitting in-between reality and daydreaming. The “coming from” of each design’s unique materiality is carefully crafted towards a “belonging with”, where the sophisticated design of the studio’s products is complementing any environment, in order to elevate its aesthetic aura.

Christine Kalia

Christine Petrou is the creative director and founder of Studio Christine Kalia since 2016. Born in Larnaca in 1990, she is a trained architect with studies in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Through her practice, Christine reshapes often found materials into contemporary design pieces of domestic use, bringing nature closer to the human environment.

We seamlessly blend opulence with sustainability, ensuring our designs embody a profound commitment to both the environment and local communities. Our ethos centers around collaborating with local artisans, preserving traditional skills, and fostering community upliftment. We prioritize ethical material sourcing, opting for locally derived sustainable materials to curtail environmental impact. Each design reflects a meticulous approach, minimizing waste and energy consumption while promoting longevity.