Larnaca, Cyprus

The client’s brief for this 200m2 house with an attached gym in Larnaca emphasized the need for a timeless yet contemporary design, incorporating high-end furniture and luxury living room elements. Special requests included the use of iroko wood and black kitchen units as integral components of the design, complementing the existing aluminum window frames and gray ceramic floor.

In the living room, we transformed the wall into a grid-like composition of storage units concealed in iroko and matte black lacquered wood, seamlessly integrating them with the high-end furniture. A focal point was the inclusion of a black fireplace cube, creating a sophisticated and modern ambiance. To actively shape the living space, we chose our Marika armchairs for the dining and living areas, emphasising bold and luxurious living room furniture.

The dining table, a bespoke design, incorporated a piece of a tree trunk as a signature element, symbolising a seamless blend of high-end furniture and natural elements. This exemplified our commitment to modern interior design that maintains a timeless appeal. The kitchen unit surfaces featured a linear texture, providing a contemporary twist to the classic appearance of iroko wood, showcasing our expertise in crafting high end living rooms and kitchen designs.

For the kitchen island and countertops, we selected verde fantastico natural stone, introducing a high-contrast condition to break the austerity of the darker color palette. The black kitchen wall, integrating electrical appliances, was designed with mechanical pocket doors to enhance functionality, showcasing our attention to detail in home furniture design.

The main entrance continued the theme with iroko wood veneer, strategically placed at a forty-five-degree angle, creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere from the moment one enters the house. The main couch, a centrepiece of the living room furniture, was custom-designed to be extra comfortable and large in scale, elegantly coloured to match the island’s verde fantastico marble.

Transitioning to the gym space, we prioritized functionality within the given floor area, focusing on the ceiling design to minimize fixed furniture and enhance flexibility. Our innovative approach led to the development of a composition of long linear light fixtures, adding a dynamic spatial flow within the empty space and revealing our adeptness in modern interior design for both home and gym environments.

Throughout the project, our commitment to luxury living room furniture, high-end design, and modern interior design principles ensure a harmonious and timeless result that met the client’s expectations for a sophisticated yet functional living space with integrated luxury and comfort.