Nicosia, Cyprus

In this sophisticated 80m2 apartment in Nicosia, the essence of luxury furniture and modern interior design seamlessly blend to create a captivating homey environment. The client’s desire for a calm and natural color palette is translated into meticulously chosen high-end furnishings, showcasing a perfect fusion of style and comfort.

The kitchen, a central hub of daily rituals, boasts modern luxury furniture in the form of dusty pink lacquered wood kitchen units, meticulously organized on full-height cabinets. The fossil pink marble countertop exudes elegance, harmonizing with the high-end stainless steel finishes. The square island, a pinnacle of luxury interior design, not only continues the orthogonal language of the kitchen but also facilitates seamless interaction, complemented by custom-made stools upholstered in a dusty pink macro fabric.

Moving into the living space, a second square niche unfolds with a plush sofa upholstered in a matching dusty pink macro fabric, epitomizing the fusion of comfort and style. Crafted with precision, the mirror wall unit integrates seamlessly with the board and batten ornaments in craftwork style, further accentuating the allure of modern luxury furniture.

The master bedroom, adorned with a SPHERE BED and matching nightstands from the ChristineKalia SOFT collection, becomes a sanctuary of high-end furnishings. The master bathroom continues the theme of luxury interior design, with earth-toned travertino classico elegantly contrasting travertino rosso. The bespoke sink and integrated floating storage in matching travertino rosso showcase the meticulous attention to detail in the selection of every piece of furniture.

Even the secondary bathroom in the communal space exudes sophistication, featuring a bespoke sink unit covered in the same fossil pink marble that graces the kitchen, creating a harmonious link between spaces. Throughout the apartment, the solid wood parquet floor in a 45-degree chevron pattern adds a touch of modernity to the home interior design, subtly shifting with each demarcated space.

In essence, this 80m2 apartment in Nicosia stands as a testament to the seamless integration of luxury furniture, high-end furnishings, and modern interior design, embodying the client’s personality through a carefully curated ambiance of femininity, calmness, and effortlessness.