Soft round stool

180 VAT excluded

This charming round stool seamlessly embodies the plush essence characteristic of the collection, presenting a harmonious, gently curved form. Designed for versatile use, its profile gracefully dips in the center, creating an ergonomic and inviting seating area. Crafted for both comfort and practicality, this stool is adorned with a lusciously soft, easy-to-maintain upholstery. Cloaked in a water-repellent fabric, it not only exudes comfort but also ensures effortless upkeep, making it an ideal addition to any space. 

The SOFT collection evolved naturally as a comforting design to the previous collections of the brand. The design evokes calmness and silently blends in the background of any living space without being reduced. Their intentional discretion embraces smooth textures, calming color tones and timeless simplicity.

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