In revitalizing the Hotel Larnaca, our meticulous approach to hotel interior design aimed to seamlessly blend the charm of the 80s with a touch of contemporary elegance. The shared spaces and 46 rooms were meticulously curated with a focus on luxury furniture that harmonizes with the iconic architectural elements of that era. The use of a sophisticated gray-on-gray palette in the hotel interior design not only creates a lasting and impactful impression but also exudes a sense of high-end sophistication.

Our team carefully selected furniture pieces that not only reflect the hotel’s rich history but also introduce a modern flair to the hospitality design. The custom boudoir in each room, featuring rounded edges and bended cabinets, embodies a perfect fusion of comfort and style, elevating the overall hotel interior to a new level of sophistication. Soft pouf seats and curvilinear mirrors add a touch of contemporary luxury, ensuring that every corner of the hotel exudes a sense of high-end comfort. Room numbers were designed in the same color tone with the corridor wall, blending in the background while casting thin and subtle shadows of the direct light fixtures placed above them.

As part of our commitment to hospitality design, we paid special attention to the elevator area, incorporating a granite frame and plaster wall surfaces. The elevator, a crucial element in guest circulation, was enhanced with high-end furniture accents, ensuring durability and a seamless aesthetic. The vertical multiplication of the plaster ceiling cornice surrounding the elevator not only adds a touch of grandeur to the space but also serves as a defining feature in the hotel’s interior design.

Throughout the hotel, from the corridors adorned with rounded cornices and door frames to the custom-designed rooms, our focus on high-end furniture and hospitality design elements aims to create a unique and unforgettable experience for every guest. The interplay of architectural shapes, premium materials, and carefully selected luxury furniture pieces contribute to an ambiance that transcends time, making this hotel in Larnaca a distinctive destination where the essence of the 80s seamlessly meets contemporary sophistication.