As you step into the lower level of the fermentation workshop, the air is alive with the rich aroma of fermentation, mingling seamlessly with the subtle scent of carefully chosen wood in the form of exquisite furniture. Large vats and gleaming stainless-steel equipment share the space with tastefully arranged seating, providing a comfortable spot for artisans, donned in aprons stained with remnants of past creations, to take a moment of respite and contemplation.

Skilled artisans move with purpose and passion, not only tending to the delicate balance of flavors but also appreciating the beauty of the furniture that adorns the workshop. The combination of the alchemical processes within the large vats and the aesthetics of the luxury furniture creates a harmonious atmosphere, where the art of fermentation and the art of interior design converge.

In the heart of the workshop, a small tasting area beckons you to savor the results of the fermenter’s labor while seated. Pull up a stool and indulge your senses, as the tangy delights tickle your taste buds and the surrounding living room decor enhances the overall experience. Witness firsthand the transformation of humble ingredients into culinary masterpieces, all while surrounded by carefully selected high-end furnishings.

Adjacent to the workshop, a corner display proudly showcases an array of local, organic products, beautifully complemented by house decor that exudes both warmth and sophistication. Vibrant jars of pickled delicacies and jars of golden kombucha share shelf space with carefully chosen luxury living room pieces, enticing passersby with promises of health and vitality, both in terms of flavor and aesthetic pleasure.

While you sample the fermented wonders, your gaze drifts to a vintage cinema sitting by the window. Its red velvet seats and ornate details transport you to a bygone era, where black-and-white films flickered upon the silver screen, surrounded by carefully chosen interior design elements that echo the past. Through the window, a captivating view unfolds—the new agora building’s vibrant backyard, a picturesque oasis of green amidst the urban hustle, inviting a moment of reflection and respite.

Venturing upstairs, a hidden world reveals itself, adorned with furniture that blends seamlessly with the workshop’s sustainable ethos. A storage area, neatly organized with shelves and bins, serves as a sanctuary for empty bottles—a testament to the workshop’s commitment to responsible practices. Nearby, a small office spot hums with creative energy, where ideas are born, recipes are crafted, and connections with local farmers and suppliers are nurtured, surrounded by contemporary high-end furniture that reflects the fusion of style and sustainability.

Tucked away in a quiet corner, a modest yet essential space—the WC—provides a necessary respite from the flurry of activity. A moment of solitude amidst the fermentation symphony, offering a quiet sanctuary to refresh and recharge, surrounded by modern luxury furniture that enhances the sense of tranquility.

In this 39-square-meter haven, the alchemy of fermentation thrives alongside the carefully curated world of furniture and interior design. It is a place where flavors evolve, traditions are preserved, and the community gathers to share in the joy of wholesome nourishment, all within the embrace of exclusive furniture that enhances the overall aesthetic experience. It is a testament to the power of nature’s transformation, where humble ingredients are elevated into culinary marvels, and where the symbiosis of science, flavor, and the timeless art of preserving nature’s bounty meets the sophistication of high-end furnishings. Step inside, and let the wonders of fermentation and furniture embrace you, creating a harmonious dance between the natural and the designed world.