Limassol, Cyprus

The client’s brief for this exclusive two-bed apartment in Limassol calls for the reconfiguration into a timeless and functional arrangement, where classical aesthetics seamlessly blend with contemporary detailing. The predominantly open-plan space encourages a constant exchange within the communal areas, while the private zones remain discreetly tucked away in the right wing of the apartment, accessible from the corridor past the main entrance.

Upon arrival, the space unfolds in the blurred zone between the open-plan kitchen and the living area. The ambience is meticulously curated through a palette of low-saturation tones, featuring lavish marbles, exquisite wood finishes, and opulent fabrics. The gallery kitchen on the left culminates at the end wall, creating a niche for the sink, while on the right side, a high table bench gently flows within the living space, fostering horizontal connections in the open plan. The kitchen boasts white lacquered wooden units, and the countertops, including the end bench, are adorned with engineered granite in earthy tones of beige and grey.

The dining and living space that ensues maintains an elevated material palette of similar tones, seamlessly blending within the overall design. The walls are adorned with a batten wall geometric pattern, featuring wavy cornices in white that introduce rhythm to the space. This pattern extends around storage units in the wall, concluding at the entrance corridor’s corner, where a concealed laundry cabinet is ingeniously hidden. Within the living space, an elongated TV bench follows a similar rhythm, framed by a bespoke corner sofa from the exclusive SOFT collection, consisting of modular and reconfigurable units. The coffee table, a pair of EPIFANIA pieces in natural burl veneer with solid wood spherical supports finished in cream beige, adds a touch of luxury to the living room. The dining space is anchored by a custom-made dining table with prismatic supports finished in the signature natural burl veneer and a horizontal surface in an organic form of tempered glass, ensuring minimal visual intrusion while maintaining day-to-day functionality. The ELEGG series chairs, featuring a stainless steel frame and cylindrical cushioning in bouclĂ© fabric, complement the luxurious dining setting.

Moving across the corridor, the communal and private bathrooms exhibit a ton sur ton palette in earthy hues of total grey and beige, contributing to a cohesive and luxurious result.

The first bedroom, dedicated to the kids, features exclusive furniture with blue and petrol green tones. The textured finish on the walls harmonizes with the bespoke unit from the SOFT collection, serving as a luxury bed with an integrated nightstand in a statement petrol blue. The master bedroom boasts bright wooden parquet flooring and an EPIFANIA bed unit with an elongated headboard and integrated nightstands, adding a touch of modern luxury to the space.

Throughout the apartment, exclusive furniture pieces, luxury beds, and high-end furnishings contribute to an atmosphere of opulence, showcasing a seamless integration of classical and contemporary design elements. The result is a residence that exudes sophistication, featuring modern luxury furniture that elevates both form and function.