The client’s ambitious vision for the transformation of this 60s house into an upscaled nursing home places a strong emphasis on interior design and architecture. The proposed spatial arrangement not only caters to the functional needs of a nursing home but also prioritizes the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a familiar domestic environment.

In the shared spaces, such as the living room, interior designers have carefully curated bespoke bookcases and an audio book library, adding a touch of modern interior design to enhance the overall living decor. The sitting room, a key component of the communal area, is designed to foster a sense of community among the residents.

The interiors of the 6 ensuite rooms are thoughtfully designed, with walls adorned in serene green tones that seamlessly extend the outdoor garden within. This blend of interior design and nature contributes to a holistic and comforting living experience. The house designer has incorporated the concept of shared rooms for two tenants, encouraging interaction and community engagement.

In the more private zones, attention to bathroom interior design is evident, with a dedicated physiotherapy and grooming area supporting the daily schedule of the nursing home. Exclusive furniture, including luxury beds and high-end furniture, has been selected to elevate the interiors and ensure the residents’ comfort.

The living room decor extends to the outdoor area, featuring a small botanical yard that not only adds aesthetic appeal but also inspires and motivates the tenants to engage in gardening activities. The use of luxury couches and a lux sofa in the living room enhances the overall luxury living room experience.

The facade, crafted with breeze blocks, not only contributes to the overall architecture but also integrates green areas, showcasing the meticulous integration of exterior and interior design elements. The corridors of tartan floor in the outdoor space serve dual purposes, providing a surface for physio exercises and contributing to the modern interior design aesthetic.

In conclusion, this project seamlessly weaves together elements of interior design and architecture to create an environment that not only caters to the specific needs of a nursing home but also prioritizes the well-being and comfort of its residents.