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Following the dark tone pieces in the series, this piece takes the shape of a concentrated prism, gently levitating over the base plane. The triple door buffet is covered in ALPI silver veneer, with a subtle engraved moon circle in its left side. The pair of supports consists of a wooden sphere in matching silver tones and a quartet of vertical planes in an array that match the materiality of the elevated volume.

The EPIFANIA collection evolves the brands’ vision on design through intensive fabrication. The natural materials are dimensionally reduced to their surface and remorphed to occupy expressive volumes and color tones. The veneer is seen as a finner section of nature that wraps around classical forms whilst maintaining a contemporary design.

Embracing the artistry of customization, we empower you to shape not only the aesthetic but also the form of each creation. Picture a harmonious blend of your vision and our aesthetic —where the shape and color of every piece are meticulously tailored to suit your unique taste. Every piece, from colors to designs, can be customized to suit your vision space.

Each item has an estimated production time of 3 – 4 weeks.


Height: 33.47 in (85 cm)
Width: 13.78 in (35 cm)
Depth: 35.44 in (90 cm)


Wood, Veneer

collection Epifania