6,000 VAT excluded

In this series, envision a buffet that extends its allure with a longer, pink-hued iteration. The prism shape hovers gracefully, bathed in a luscious blush. The triple door buffet, originally adorned in ALPI silver veneer, now embraces a rosy opulence, casting a warm and enchanting glow. An intricately engraved moon circle on its left side adds a celestial touch.

The supports echo the pink transformation – a wooden sphere in matching tones and a quartet of vertical planes, harmonizing with the elevated volume’s materiality. This buffet is a minimalist yet captivating blend of sophistication and playfulness, where every detail whispers a tale of timeless beauty.

The SOFT collection evolved naturally as a comforting design to the previous collections of the brand. The design evokes calmness and silently blends in the background of any living space without being reduced. Their intentional discretion embraces smooth textures, calming color tones and timeless simplicity.

Embracing the artistry of customization, we empower you to shape not only the aesthetic but also the form of each creation. Picture a harmonious blend of your vision and our aesthetic —where the shape and color of every piece are meticulously tailored to suit your unique taste. Every piece, from colors to designs, can be customized to suit your vision space.

Each item has an estimated production time of 3 – 4 weeks.


Height: 90 cm
Width: 280 cm
Depth: 50 cm

collection Soft