Larnaca, Cyprus

The design of our flagship Studio Christine Kalia in Larnaca was meticulously crafted to embody the dynamic essence of the brand, seamlessly merging high-end furniture concepts with contemporary luxury aesthetics. Working across different scales of design, the character of the brand demanded a series of spaces that adapt to its expanding domain, creating an environment that epitomizes both modern and luxurious sensibilities.

The central gallery on the ground floor serves as an undistracted open-plan venue, functioning as both a showroom and a sophisticated photoshoot booth for the brand’s high-end furniture line. The neutral materiality and track light system not only evoke a sense of modern luxury but also allow for maximum versatility and ambience. The existing metal structure in the rear, painted in a matte silver coating, refracts light, enhancing the visual appeal of the proposed vertical balustrade posts adorned with integrated lighting—an exclusive touch that accentuates the luxury interior design elements.

The gallery on the left boasts a chrome silver palette, culminating in the studio’s signature logo showcased in a mirrored stainless steel vitrine with laser cut-outs—a stunning focal point that seamlessly integrates contemporary luxury into the space. The office zone features a long desk covered in silver veneer with an organic wood burl pattern, complemented by a silver velvet Marika armchair, embodying the fusion of high-end furniture and contemporary design.

On the right, the gallery space transforms into an open-plan co-working studio, characterized by a blue ton sur ton palette that extends from floor to ceiling. The space is not only a testament to modern luxury but also incorporates high-end design elements, including a curved breezeblock wall in cobalt blue and a glossy bright-blue wooden capsule housing the studio’s material archive—a contemporary interpretation of exclusive furniture and interior design. 

The mezzanine floor continues the ton sur ton palette, introducing hues of red in the kitchenette and bathroom areas. The kitchenette units, designed with a folding sliding front cover wrapped in a fire-red veneer layer by Ettore Sottsass, exemplify the fusion of modern luxury and exclusive furniture. The custom-made sinks in Rosa Paloda marble, with coral tones, further elevate the sense of opulence, creating a space that seamlessly blends high-end design with modern interior aesthetics.